SAKASENA Food Products Packaging Industry Trade & International Marketing Co. LTD it is a very young private company founded in 2016. Our main activity is the export and import of industrial food ingredients (raw materials), food products, food additives, flexible polymer packaging materials, food machinery and technologies.

Our company provides brokerage export services to industrial food ingredients (raw materials), food additives, flexible polymer packaging materials, food machinery and technologies mainly from domestic manufacturers in dozens of countries - foreign producers of food supply (factories), importers, wholesalers, network distribution companies. Thanks to the activity of our company, from domestic manufacturers expand export capacity, increase production capacity and sales, saving them a very expensive time and cost, as well as contribute to the development and expansion of new products that meet consumer demands quality and competitive prices in overseas markets.

Our company, as well as the business partner of the group of domestic producers of food products, provides a professional service at a high level of quality at optimal prices and the import of industrial food products (raw materials), food supplements, innovative flexible plastic packaging materials, food technologies and equipments, which are mostly not produced in our country.

Quality Policy of our company says: "And in the export and import services, acting properly on the quality and safety measures, legislation and customer conditions to implement only the appropriate and only fresh products, a high level of quality, at the best prices, timely, reliable and hygienically clean; while never is stopped and constantly improve and every day to increase the overall quality of the scale to a higher level and to make every effort to become a model company of its sector".